That I’ve been blogging on here? If that is the correct term. I’ve been ruminating on whether to go down to London to get a book signed on the 17th March, as I have the 16th off work anyway, and it would be great to meet some people from the forum. But then can I really be bothered to spend £30 odd for a chat and a couple of signatures? And sit on a train? As I’m going down in April anyway, I doubt I’ll go but I never get to go to signings and they all seem to happen at Forbidden Planet. I wish there was cause for great writers to come up to Norfolk, but unless they already live here there never is 🙁

I’ve had a good day today, though I still don’t feel well having contracted the lurgy over a week ago and still shaking it off, and I made the mistake of eating fresh pineapple, mango and papaya at the weekend in one of those little packs where they prep it for you. Never has such a great food sin been committed by me. Or at least, not in so long. I was still feeling quite ill today…I think I am actually allergic to fresh fruit – and apparently it isn’t all that uncommon to be intolerant of it at least…So I’m not weird.

Anyway, the day has been good because: I drove around a lot and am determined to KEEP IT UP; it is my mantra. Having never ridden a bike, or a horse, I haven’t always believed people saying that getting behind the wheel after a short absence is ‘ just like riding a bike, once you learn it you never forget how to do it,’ ‘once you get on you always fall off’ is more likely. I hate idioms and similes like that, I never remember them right. It is clearly because I am foreign, which is a card I occasionally allow myself to wave around maniacally. Certain sayings come to you from your family so all of mine are Eritrean.

It was also a good day because I went to two meetings which took all day and were strategic and in someways visionary. But that is going to bore everyone so I’ll stop there.

things to note:

My life is not that interesting
Fruit is sometimes bad, but heavenly
I don’t know how to post pictures

I forgot to talk about hypnotherapy and the dirty dancing wedding first dance. So, next time I shall.

Just watched University Challenge:

Nadia 110
Simon 35. Not his finest hour.

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