I’m currently dabbling with the idea of ‘infocracy’, which is a structural system which operates through the open distribution of information and a flatter hierarchy than, say, a bureaucracy which tends to have more of a triangular leadership setup. An infocracy by its nature empowers more people to have the knowledge to make decisions.

Infocracy has always been largely theoretical, as only major organisations (governments, corporations, etc) had the networks required to easily spread communications and information, and that kind of setup inherently leads towards bureaucracy and democracy (or worse). I thought I’d take the infocratic ideals into a science fiction, near future setting to see whether it would actually work. So far, it’s been rather interesting.

Consider the editorial  concepts behind Wikipedia, but extended to an entire society. That’s kinda where I’m headed. I hope to have the story finished in a week-or-two, at which point I’ll probably fire it off to Interzone for consideration – the first time I’ll have tried submitting a story in such a way. I first read Interzone back in the mid-90s (in an anthology, rather than the magazine itself which was incredibly hard to find back then) and it’s always been a bit of a dream to have something published in it, so this’ll be a good first step.

Lots of other exciting things going on (not least that FXhome turned 10 years old this weekend) but they will have to wait for another post.

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