Time for a quick pre-work general update…

  • The local launch of my father’s book, Scott’s Forgotten Surgeon, takes place as Halesworth Bookshop this evening at 5pm. I’ll be heading down to Suffolk for it and can’t wait. Really very proud of him for not only having completed the project but having got it properly published as well!
  • Found a rather nifty website full of comic fonts and useful info on ruling for a comic page layout. Check out Blambot here. I’ll be blogging more about the Arms Race comic in the near future, as I attempt to regain my drawing abilities…
  • Last night had a VFX spotting session with director Christopher Puttock on his sort-of Witcher-inspired short film. It’s a cool action sequence, very nicely shot by Tom Martin of Fast Forward Media. Not sure when it’ll be out, but it’ll be a good one, I think. Looking at the list, there’s about 10 essential VFX shots and another 11 nice-to-haves. While that’s quite a few for such a short film, the latest updates to HitFilm will make most of them a doddle.
  • Talking of which, I’m adding the finishing touches to this year’s FXhome Christmas Video, which is probably our silliest yet. And given last year’s, that’s saying something. Should hopefully be quite amusing!


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