This last week up at FXhome we’ve been moving down the corridor and into new offices, which has been rather knackering but also most excellent! I like to think that my recent DIY experience with the spare room came in handy, as I felt like I was decidedly less useless than when we put the last office together. 🙂

It’s really rather grand – to think we were all still working from home just a year ago. We’ve now got oodles of space, which is essential for storage now that we’re shipping, nice new monitors and even a proper leisure/meeting area with comfy sofas. All-in-all it’s a far more pleasant area in which to work, and a far easier place to work with regards to sending out boxes and stuff.

The sofa area is particularly spiffy – we’re going to get the webcam all set up so that we can do proper web conferencing with Malone and Hendo when they’re not in Norwich.

Check it out:

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Ben · September 15, 2007 at 8:04 pm

As pior to my comments on the FXhome website, I really do like the new office and I seriously like the little sofa area.

The PC’s support necks look great and I love the style of them and I hope everything else works it’s self out. Good luck to the FXhome team and an idividual good job to the team members of FXhome 😉


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