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Hatch Eyer is a scientist at heart. Intrinsically, she wants to understand the world around her, and gets irritated by anything which eludes her. She observes, analyses, concludes. Arriving at Aviar is the greatest moment of her life, and separating her scientific curiosity from the practical and ethical realities is going to be a major challenge.

This is the first time a chapter has been exclusively told from the point of view of the Bruckin squad, without any of our story regulars playing active parts (other than showing up in the flahback). It was fun to examine the state of the story from that different perspective, as Hatch and Stefan have orders but they don’t have the same kind of spiritual drive that Fenris, Tarn, Tranton and Kirya have (of varying sorts).

At this point in the story my aim is to have seeded enough detail for the reader to be able to piece together what’s going on. I haven’t fully explained everything, but all the pieces are out in the open, one way or another. Most readers I would expect to have a pretty good guess of what’s happening – but, hopefully, not be entirely convinced of their theory. Still, we’re definitely shifting into a different phase of the book, where it’s going to be less about finding out what’s going on and more about what you DO about it once you know.

This chapter was originally called ‘Notes on a floating city’. I changed that after publication to ‘Notes from the clouds’ to make it less of an obvious spoiler to future readers. It does make the title of this blog post a bit confusing, however.


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