Dave rather ambushed me on Sunday night with a completed CSS overhaul of Potential Gamer, the results of which are quite self-evident. He did quite an astounding job, especially given he’s currently still working with the standard WordPress.com. I’m currently investigating whether to switch to WordPress.org and pay for proper hosting….it’s a tough decision, seeing what an amazing job he’s already done. He probably should have made this first pass a bit crappier and conned me into going straight for the .org open source option. 🙂

On another note, I’ve FINALLY fixed the story links on the right, which Julian ‘I love apples’ Boote kindly pointed out were broken. Good job they hadn’t been sitting there for a couple of months already. Ahem. I’ve also added Leiali’s stories, which are well worth a read (The Hag is great).

Spent most of today storyboarding for a top secret FXhome project. Exciting, but pretty scary too, given the timescales and ambition involved. But, then, that could apply to pretty much every project we’ve worked on for the last few years! More on that as I’m allowed…


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