The big experiment begins this week – can we crew the film project partially with community members? It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Completed this round of video interviews today (the one with the writer went extremely well – he’s a very enthusiastic chappy), although I’m still waiting on the director to get me his in the post. Alas, the making-of budget doesn’t cover flight expenses for me to go down there in person. 😉

In even more exciting news – I’ve finally resolved my Evinden plot hole! It all came about due to a idea that came to me rather suddenly and inconveniently while writing a recent chapter. Bearing in mind I’m over halfway through the book now (probably…), this idea was awkward in that it fundamentally changed the relationship between a couple of major characters (and, thusly, it also changed much of their impact on the story and world), which isn’t normally something I’d want to contend with having already written so much. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, however, as it’s simply a rather delicious plot twist – not in a Sixth Sensey kind of way, but more in an undermining-a-character’s-faith kind of way. It’s a mean, unpleasant plot twist that should make the reader wince with sympathy while simultaneously giggling with evil glee (actually, that might only be the prerogative of the writer).

The trick was that the plot twist rather invalidated a couple of earlier chapters, including a major sequence involving the introduction of the Tarn character. Typically, this introduction has always been a particularly favourite scene of mine, having been present in every single draft of the novel (and, prior to that, the film script). But, as they say, sometimes the scenes you love the most are the ones you need to cut.

Having wrestled valiantly to resolve the plot hole created by the plot twist via some cunning retcon, instead I’ve opted to completely re-write that earlier section of the book. I think it’ll actually be for the better, resulting in a much more realistic couple of chapters at quite a crucial part of the book. That the favourite scene has been there from the beginning is probably a good indication that it hails from a time when the story – and my writing skills – were considerably less advanced than they are now.

It’s all worth it, though. The plot twist is awesome. You’ll see, one day!

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