Well, I’ve taken the plunge and created a new blog, dedicated entirely to gaming. I say plunge, but it’s currently more of a dainty paddle, given that there’s almost no content as of yet. Hopefully that will change fairly soon – I’ve got a preview pack for Multiwinia arriving soon, which is pretty exciting. I’m also scouting about for potential writers to join me; Dave and Matt have expressed some interest, although if they’ve got any sense they’ll wait a bit to see if I cock up the first hurdle. And yes, that was a slightly mixed metaphor. Anyway, I’ve called it Potential Gamer, go check it out.

In other news, I helped Lucy out a bit today dismantling the set. It’s really a very sad thing, seeing such incredibly hard work and artistic achievement being pulled to pieces and put into binbags. Someone needs to create a vast Indiana Jones-style warehouse that can contain every set ever built, in perfect condition, as the world’s most arbitrary theme park. On the plus side, another Norfolk-based short film (yes, there are others) is going to re-use some bits, so if you see a random metal pipe in a British short film over the next year or two it’ll probably be one of ours.

What else? Other than my new journalistic drive with Potential Gamer, I’ve been slowly moving forwards with Evinden. Very slowly, but in a generally satisfying manner. At the same time, the debacle surrounding my last script did knock my confidence quite a bit, so I have a continuing, sneaky suspicion at the back of my mind that Evinden will turn out to be rubbish – hopefully that feeling will pass soon. The problem is that the journalistic side of my writing is proven: I’ve written many, many articles over the years, mostly for FXhome.com but also for a smattering of other magazines and websites. But in the creative stakes, I’m entirely an unpublished rookie.

Also pondering options post-Evinden. I’m thinking of dramatising The Detective and the Robot (see link on the right) into a short film. Could probably film it as a mixture of location and greenscreen work. There’s a fantastic back alley right in the centre of Norwich that, with a bit of matte work, could look straight out of New York. I’d be half tempted to get most of the cast and crew back from the FXhome Film Project, as they were so awesome. A female robot, perhaps? That’d be interesting.


KeymnTibeundum · August 3, 2008 at 5:46 pm

I agreed with you

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