Finally got round to seeing this film, having heard about it for months and watched it gradually make the rounds of all the award shows. Inevitably it’s gone from being hugely popular to having a post-Oscar backlash, as is inevitable for anything that has that much success in such a short time. Some people seem a little angry that a film as uplifting and inspirational as Slumdog can win so many Oscars, as they’d rather see more overtly worthy films take the gongs.

Somehow through all the publicity I completely avoided any semblance of spoilers – I hadn’t even seen a trailer – and thus went in knowing only that it was Danny Boyle’s first film after Sunshine and that it had a great sountrack (Leiali got it for me a few weeks back after I raved about Jai Ho having heard it on the radio). Going in blind is definitely the best way to see this film, as it zips around India and reveals its small-scale-epic story.

Great performances, great music, great script, great ending. It has the balls to take you down really low and hit bottom before taking you back up again, which is precisely why it’s suc a successful ‘feel good’ movie. Every generic romcom could learn a lot from Danny Boyle & chums.


James Grimes · March 5, 2009 at 3:31 am

Hello Tarn. I, too, went into this mostly blind. I was pleasantly surprised, and as a cherry on top, I ended up seeing it on Oscar Night. A very positive, uplifting, and well-crafted film. I can understand why some think this film is undeserving of its awards. I just think they are completely wrong!

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