I have put my two stories up. The short one, entitled ‘Goblins’ is the first one I wrote for our creative writing class, so it was written at some point in May and based on a dream I had many years ago. The second is my final piece ‘Journey of a King’ with amendments after comments from the course tutor and Simon. It was hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m fairly certain that at least two white hairs on my head are attributable to the course, which doesn’t bode well for my Masters! I now know that for some reason, creepy stuff is my thing. Very strange. Maybe I should write a story about a werewolf to frighten Simon scare-de-cat?

I do hope people like them, and let me know either way by commenting on the blog, if you just email me Simon will be sad as he’ll think no-one reads the blog.

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Ben · September 25, 2007 at 9:47 am

Hello Leiali.

Well seeing as I enjoyed reading your last short story I thought I’d read these ones, see what they’re like. And I didn’t think they were good.

They were utterly fantastic ;). I love the way your able to paint an image in the readers head of what’s going on in the story. I also like your use of tenses. I wasn’t sure whether I noticed a few punctuation mistakes through the journey of a king but that might just be me :).

Righto, onto individual reviews :).

I quite liked this one more than the “journey of a king” as it paints such a detailed picture in my head and shows the actions the woman does really well. Sometimes I even feel as if I’m in the room with her, which is a good thing ;).

The uses of “dream self” really interested me as well as many people do sit there and daydream of what they wish they could do. I enjoyed this story and well done.

Journey of a King:
This was good and like Goblins it created a detailed image in my head and showed actions greatly. I also liked the way you explained the surroundings in some parts as well.

As much as I liked this story and its length I preferred Goblins a bit more.

That’s my review. You and Simon are great writers and I hope you do well in your Masters also.

Keep the great stories coming in 😉


Emma · September 25, 2007 at 10:46 am

Hey U,
I really enjoyed reading ‘Goblins’ last night – kinda spooky with a really unexpected twist for an ending. Love yr style

Leiali · September 25, 2007 at 6:53 pm

Thanks Ben, interesting you preferred Goblins, as that took a lot less time to write and was based on experience (well, a dream) rather than imagination.

You’re very good for the ego! I asked Simon if we could adopt you but he said no, we can’t afford to keep a teenager. He is a meanie :(.

And thanks Emma, will speak to you on the phone soon hopefully!

Ben · September 25, 2007 at 7:08 pm

Hehe, no problem. Well I’ve sent Simon a digital slap, you wouldn’t mind physically slapping him would you? :).

I think that was why I liked Goblins more then, seeing as it seemed to come across as an actual dream or perhaps a daydream :). I enjoy stuff that happens in dreams mostly.

And Simon, to be honest I’m not really expensive. I’d live on cheese and crackers if I wanted to :P.

Keep up the work guys 😉


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