Starting to learn to program


I’m currently dipping two tentative toes into the murky waters of programming. Games programming, to be precise. I suspect games programming is quite a bit like normal programming but with more guns at the end.

That image above is from a game called Schism which I’m currently writing, based in the IAT Arms Race universe. It’s created using Twine, an engine specifically designed for writing Choose Your Own Adventure-style games. (more…)

The Interview: short film in post

Time for some updates, kicking off with a short film from It’s A Trap which I’m currently editing. Curiously, this film has already been released in an 85-second form, specifically for a competition. Find out more about that here.┬áThat particular version was made in double-quick time to submit to the Read more…

Some VFX updates

Above is a quick test I made using HitFilm, FXhome’s new super-amazing-does-everything video software. I may be biased. I made a little tutorial to go with that video: The lovely thing about making tutorials for HitFilm is how responsive it is – you don’t need to do any massaging of Read more…