Time for some updates, kicking off with a short film from It’s A Trap which I’m currently editing.

Curiously, this film has already been released in an 85-second form, specifically for a competition. Find out more about that here.┬áThat particular version was made in double-quick time to submit to the contest (we made the top ten, apparently), but we all knew there was more potential in the material – and especially in Tom Butterworth’s performance, which suffered the most in the super-short cut. I also majorly messed up the grade on the short version, so the extended cut will be an opportunity to fix that.

I’ve locked the edit and am currently experimenting with some VFX to enhance the film. If all goes to plan I hope to have it wrapped up end of this week, so it should appear soon thereafter.

Meanwhile, here are some additional posts about the project:


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