Co-teaching a FutureLearn course is fun

The VFX for Guerilla Filmmakers course is at the end of its 4-week run over on FutureLearn. There’s still time to sign up (after which you can go through it at your own pace), so do so now if you don’t want to miss out on free learning.

Having worked on the course for months prior to its launch, along with the┬ámastermind Saint Walker, it was exciting to see it finally go live at the start of February. Each week unlocked new content and saw a massive flow of students sweep through the lessons. (more…)

The Interview: short film in post

Time for some updates, kicking off with a short film from It’s A Trap which I’m currently editing. Curiously, this film has already been released in an 85-second form, specifically for a competition. Find out more about that here.┬áThat particular version was made in double-quick time to submit to the Read more…

Arms Race

I’ve begun work editing Arms Race, the steampunk period peace set during an alternative Crimean War directed by my friend Nigel Clegg. We shot it last summer out in the wilds of Norfolk. So far it’s being kept under wraps, so that we don’t spoil the nifty set, costumes and Read more…