Sofas: Looked at quite a few of them. I still think there needs to be some kind of market-wide price comparison system in place, whereby items of all kinds get fairly compared and priced accordingly. Because, let’s face it, a sofa shouldn’t cost the same amount as a top of the line PC/bottom of the line Mac. Consider the difference in technological requirements. Consider the differing levels of R&D that goes into each product. Consider the versatility and potential customer reward when using the products. If a sofa can cost £800 (and that’s middle of the range), then a good computer should cost about £50,000. Yes, yes, I know they’re completely different markets with different demographics and production lines etc etc….but I really don’t care. As a consumer myself, who owns both sofas and computers, I expect them to be priced sensibly. No matter how nice a sofa is, it’s still just a sofa.

Star Trek: Fantastic! Loved the reboot. Can’t wait to see what they do next, although I do hope it isn’t more of the same.

Transformers 2: Awful. How can so much technical achievement and talent go into such a terrible end product? A crappy, boring film with a really unpleasant nasty attitude.

VFX: Finished doing VFX on a friend’s film on Friday. Now doing the grade, which needs to be done in time for this Saturday’s premiere. Nothing like last minute!

Oh yes, and the book has unfortunately had to take a back seat due to the VFX and house moving antics. Hopefully that will change soon.


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