Gosh, it’s been a noisy few months. First there was the Digital Economy Bill debacle, swiftly followed by the Digital Economy Act debacle, then the General Election reared its ugly head, with the Paul Chambers Absurdity coming in at the end. All jolly exciting and extremely useful for boosting up my blog’s visitor stats, but not particularly conducive to getting on with anything else.

So for a little while I’m going to attempt to focus a little on the four main projects I currently have on the bubble. Yes, four major projects, all happening at once. Exactly the kind of thing I vowed at the start of the year to avoid. Ah well, such is the inevitable allure of cool creative things. Here’s where I am with them all:

  • My dad’s polar explorer biography is top of the list, seeing as how he already has a publisher waiting for it. I’m editing the book at the moment, which is proving rather fascinating. It’s great to learn about a historical figure while also editing and hopefully improving the text. It’s dad’s first book and other than some structural and attribution errors he’s done a pretty good job, from what I’ve read so far. It should be a really entertaining, informative biography by the time it’s done.
  • Next up is Nigel’s Steamtech short film. This one has been languishing in post-production for a long while now, which is in large part my fault, I’m ashamed to say. On the plus side, things are moving along quite nicely on it now, with effects shots gradually being completed. The first set should hopefully be done in the next week or two, clearing the way for the extremely tricky miniature composites. I don’t know exactly how Nigel plans to release the film yet, but we aim for it to be finished end of July, at which point either the full thing or a teaser trailer may emerge onto the web.
  • The newest addition to the list is an audio drama podcast that is being produced by the Jack Steel boys. After nailing Jack Steel series 2 they’re really ratcheting up the ambition-o-scope with this new project, not least through inviting other writers to contribute episodes. I’ve now seen the series bible and it is a marvelous thing, with just enough detail to fire off the imagination without being too limiting. There’s potential for excellent standalone adventures and mysteries within a slow burning, long form, multi-series narrative. I’m extremely excited about it and think it could run and run if we get it right.
  • Then, of course, there’s Of Rock And Earth, which is still coming along but has inevitably taken a bit of a back seat due to the more pressing projects above. It’s very near to completion, however.

Lots to do (and this is just the major, current projects).

And Red Dead Redemption isn’t helping.


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