So, I’ve rejiggled this website. What was once a modest blog with a single ‘About’ page has now become a fully fledged mini-portfolio, with handy links to my various writings and filmy projects all neatly arranged in the menu up top. I’ll be doing my best to keep everything up-to-date, starting with the new video I’m about to add to the VFX section. In case you can’t be arsed to go there, here it is, usefully embedded for your priori incantatumy enjoyment:

What with this and the Space Adventure DVD, I’ve really been pushing VisionLab’s limits. It’s been fun to see just how much can be wrangled out of the software, although I am also eager to broaden out my VFX skillset a little.

Meanwhile, the Hard Rain demo is pretty fab on the PS3 and Mass Effect 2 has finally lured me in. I’ll be writing about the former for Potential Gamer in a moment, with thoughts to come on the latter once I’ve had some more time with it. Also had my appraisal at work today which went alright and had some positive movement towards the future. Despite all that, I’ve still managed to get some work done on Of Rock And Earth – although never as much as I’d like.

Big thanks to Rikki for helping out with getting Typekit to talk to my WordPress template.


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