I made a new motion graphics tutorial for the HITFILM guys. Check it oot:

It’s the first time I’ve officially returned to the FXHOME neck of the woods since I left last June to move to the Writers’ Centre, other than some ad hoc stuff on my own channel. Providing commissioned work as a freelancer is an interesting experience compared to working there full time. I kinda liked it.

What it did do is remind me how much I enjoy sharing knowledge. I’m generally at my happiest when I’m helping other people be more creative. That’s why my ebooks and Patreon page are full of writing advice and notes

My professional career might predominantly be in marketing, but I can’t market any old shit. I marketed FXHOME products for years because they were good products which helped creative people with no money be more creative. It’s an attitude the company shares, as well, hence having ridiculously powerful free versions. Being at Writers’ Centre Norwich is no different – the entire place exists to help writers and champion writing as a concept.

Oh, and if you’re in Norwich, you might have seen a practical use of this effect in the marketing for Speaking Truth To Power – a festival event about the immense bravery of Mexican anti-corruption journalists which sounds amazing.

Anyway, tangent over. Enjoy the tute.


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