Something I don’t think I’ve blogged about is my recent work at FXHOME on a Marvel-inspired campaign called Heads Up, designed to launch the new HitFilm 4 Express product. I ended up writing and editing a ton of videos, which have already nabbed over 204,000 views. A truly mind-bending stat.

Here’s the main sketch that everything hangs off:

Accompanying the sketch I also worked on a bunch of really great video tutorials, diving into behind-the-scenes and visual effects techniques.

And most recently I put together a deeper look at the repulsor jets:

Did I mention that I also edited a guest spot for a Film Riot episode tie-in?

It was a hugely fun project which also turned out great – those two things don’t alway go together. I’m especially pleased at the results, as it’s pretty much the last major project I’ll have worked on at FXHOME, as I’m departing at the end of the month for pastures new.

More on that later this week.


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