Molyneux, Kickstarter & why fixed funding is good

Gosh, John Walker’s interview with Peter Molyneux makes for hard reading. It’s resulted in the usual outraged reaction from those gamers who get terrified of reading anything which isn’t a simple graphics/gameplay/replayability review with a percentage score. And, yes, Walker’s interview pulls no punches and its opening gambit is especially on the nose – but it’s also an astonishing, fascinating interview which gets to the heart of an issue that everybody else has danced around for about 10 years. (more…)

Kickstarter spotlight

I’ve got my detailed breakdown of the HitFilm for Mac Kickstarter (and how we did it) coming up soon but in the meantime wanted to mention a couple of other campaigns: Ren I’ve worked with Kate Madison on numerous projects over the years, from Arms Race Escalation all the way Read more…