I’ve got my detailed breakdown of the HitFilm for Mac Kickstarter (and how we did it) coming up soon but in the meantime wanted to mention a couple of other campaigns:


I’ve worked with Kate Madison on numerous projects over the years, from Arms Race Escalation all the way back to NFN and a bunch of FXhome projects in-between. She’s an actor-director who is always professional and fun to work with, so I’m always happy to hear that she’s involved with a project.

She produced and directed a mental Lord of the Rings fanfilm years back called Born of Hope. It was a massive undertaking and quite a major achievement. While I have a fair few issues with the script, the production itself is impressive.

A month ago she launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ren, a new fantasy web series she’s developing. For most of the month it’s looked like the project was in serious trouble, which was rather depressing, but the last 48 hours has seen an incredible surge of support. Check out the Kicktraq:

ImageChrist on a bike, that was a close call.

As you can see, the campaign was trending well below the goal for almost its entire duration, despite a positive start. Other than a positive but momentary jump a week ago, it wasn’t looking good. But the last 48 hours saw the usual Kickstarter excitement-panic-rush, with a third of the funding achieved in the last few days.

Crazy. I imagine Kate needs a lie down. After she’s had her cake, at least.


Meanwhile, Tom and Tom took their successful Kickstarter show to the Edinburgh Fringe where they’ve been performing these last few weeks. They’ve recently hit upon a bunch of very positive reviews and even got an excellent mention on national radio this morning courtesy of the Radio 6 breakfast show.

Congrats to Tom, Tom and all their team (who aren’t called Tom). Always good to see a Kickstarter campaign come to fruition.


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