How to sync Scrivener with a Chromebook

Scrivener is the essential tool for novelists, becoming increasingly useful as your project grows in length and complexity. It’s available on Mac and PC, though awkwardly in slightly different versions, but there’s no ChromeOS version or equivalent. This is hardly a surprise, of course – it is ChromeOS, after all – but as I flit between a Windows desktop PC and a super lightweight Chromebook I needed a way to maintain my Scrivener workflow when out and about. (more…)

Comics & Inkscape; novels & Scrivener

It’s about time I mentioned a couple of rather excellent software products I’ve stumbled across in recent months. First up there’s Inkscape, an open source vector graphics editor. Think GIMP, but for vector rather than raster graphics. I originally discovered it out of necessity while designing wedding invitations and table Read more…