In the footsteps of Tom Francis

This is the blog post in which you can download and install A GAME WHAT I PROGRAMMED.

I’ve been following Tom ‘made GUNPOINT’ Francis’ GameMaker tutorials since the start of the year. The man has an uncanny ability to teach code in a way that makes sense to people who don’t code. I suspect he’s new enough to coding himself, relatively speaking, that he still remembers what it was like. (more…)

Gunpoint is brilliant

Time for my first post-Potential Gamer post about gaming. Weird.

Gunpoint 2013-08-23 11-02-15-56

Upon completion of Tom Francis’ Gunpoint a blog post is created based upon your activities in the game. You’re invited to choose the precise wording by picking from some glib options and are then presented with your own, personalised Secret Blog. It’s a quietly excellent finishing touch to a game full of underplayed excellence. (more…)