On Sunday I discovered that I had access to the Heat Signature alpha, due to owning a particular version of Gunpoint, Tom Francis’ previous game. I’d seen him talk about the alpha but hadn’t realised I qualified. Typically, it was the last day of the 2-week access.

The above video is what happened on my 2nd attempt. In short: it’s great fun. So much potential.

My only real concern comes courtesy of an interview with Tom Francis over on Gamasutra, where he talks about having the space stuff be more of a background element since the interior stuff has taken focus. I think that’d be a real shame – there’s a ton of untapped potential in the space stuff and it’s that aspect which gives the game it’s immense scale and unique feeling. There’s nothing else quite like it.

The interior stuff, meanwhile, is reminiscent of every top-down shooter/brawler – Hotline Miami in particular. Which isn’t a bad thing – it’s in good company. But it’s the space stuff and the interplay between the two which makes Heat Signature exciting.


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