Chapter 1 of the A Day of Faces audiobook can now be listened to, entirely for free! Yay!

This is super exciting, being the first time I’ve done anything like this. I’m really pleased with how the audiobook is coming out – it sounds about as professional as I’m going to get it without serious investment, on a technical level, and Jen Coleman is doing a great job as the narrator.

The first 4 chapters have been recorded already, with another recording session scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m going to be releasing them every other week, to ensure there’s always a bit of a buffer. Jen gets better and better with each chapter, settling into Kay’s voice as well as the other characters.

Recording an audiobook has so many little micro-challenges. It sits in a really curious spot between a plain reading and a full dramatisation. I’ll probably ramble some more about the production stuff another time.


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