Long while since the last entry and there’s lots to talk about! It’s been a rather manic month-or-two, one way or another, so I wasn’t entirely sure where to start. Given that I’m currently plonked in front of my new computer, however, I thought I’d start there!

Due to Nadia starting her new Masters course this month, she needed a computer. Rather than buy her something cheap and nasty, we decided that she would have my old computer (which isn’t massively old, and is actually fairly spiffy still) and I’d get myself something new and sexy. So, yes, essentially it was just an excuse for me to get a beast of a machine.

Installation all went rather smoothly, other than Vista being a bit temperamental when it comes to the order SATA drives are plugged in. The lovely 22″ Samsung monitor also had a nasty backlight error, but eBuyer sent a replacement for that swiftly, so all is now good. Certainly better than my first computer building session a few years back, which nearly sent me round the bend – admittedly it was mainly due to me forgetting to use the motherboard mounting thingies, and screwing it directly into the case. Ahem.

I have to say, I rather like Vista. General opinion on it seems to be very negative, but I’ve had a very pleasurable experience with it so far – even when running old games like The Longest Journey. All that remains is to reinstall XP on Nadia’s computer, which is currently in-progress and proving to be a right pain in the arse. After the swift simplicity of Vista, XP’s installation is a right old nightmare. Bah!

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Ben · September 6, 2007 at 6:28 am

Ooooh, that is some sexy monster of a machine. And that’s just by looking at the exterior :).

Nice PC and hope all goes well with Nadia’s master course 😉


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