Neil Gaiman wrote an interesting thing in his journal recently:

“The worst thing in writing something for someone else, and I’ve found this several times over the years, especially in movies, is where you talk to an editor or an executive and you think that you’re talking about the same thing. Then you go away and do what you thought you were talking about and hand it in and find that you were quite wrong, and while you were describing (say) a romantic comedy with ghosts in they were buying a scary ghost story with perhaps some love in, and nobody is happy and the project is doomed.”

A very similar thing happened on a film project I’ve been working on since last Autumn. Having wrestled through four incarnations of the script, plus another two written by other people, we seem to finally be getting somewhere. Unfortunately my scripts were rejected, but that’s how it goes sometimes (though that actual rejection process was…interesting, to say the least!).

So, yes, we’re now on track, it would seem, which is rather damn exciting. The team is slowly coming together and some of the people lined up to be working on the film are awesome.

The project will be announced officially soon, at which point I’ll be able to say more…

In the meantime, time to write some more of Evinden.

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