A couple of days ago I realised with a shock that it was already February. Given that my deadline for an Evinden first draft is the end of February,  I experienced a moment of mild panic. Back at the very start of the year the end of February seemed a long way away – two months, in fact. All of sudden, here we are and I’ve only got three weeks left.

In other words: this is going to be tight.

In other news…

The Wire – we recently discovered this courtesy of Virgin’s on demand TV service. Having heard the likes of Charlie Brooker raving about the show, we thought we should check it out. It seems entirely inexplicable now that it’s taken us this long – the damn thing premiered in 2002, and proceeded to stay entirely under my radar for its entire duration. I can only assume that I overlooked it due to my general lack of interest in the ‘cop genre’. Which was daft, because The Wire‘s cop genre is merely set dressing: the meat lies elsewhere. We’ve finished the first season, and I can quite happily declare it to be the best show I’ve ever seen. If it carries on like this it will most likely overtake both Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica as my all-time favourite show. And it’s not even sci-fi. And doesn’t start with the letter ‘b’.

Talking of which…Battlestar Galactica‘s final episodes are proving to be quite outstanding. I can see where the remaining episodes are going, and it excites me.

Dune – Leiali got me this for Christmas. Yet another classic that has completely bypassed me, always tempting me from the shelf but never quite making it onto my bedside table. So far it’s utterly fantastic (obviously) and I’m a little concerned about what exactly Dr Yueh is up to.

Right, I’d better get on with some of that writing.

21 days to go. Eep.


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