I find it wryly amusing, in a sick sort of way, that I began the last entry with “What a busy couple of weeks I’ve had!” It reads almost comically jovial now, compared to the situation in which I now find myself. I clearly thought I was busy back in September but I was, in fact, completely wrong: I simply had a few things to do. As for busy? I’m pretty sure I have an understanding of it now.

It’s Christmas Crunch time at work and we’re all feeling the pinch a bit. Unusually, though, I have a major project which I’m leading and executing, from start to finish, almost entirely on my own. Well, to be more accurate it’s a project in two parts – production, and post-production. For the production phase I had a lot of help, primarily from the always-dependable Lucy, but also extensive assistance from Mr Puttock (and Slava!), Kiera Gould and Adam Kirley. Doing post, schwar has provided some awesome matte paintings but otherwise it’s been a pretty heavy workload for myself.

Workload at FXhome has always been pretty high, of course, but I’ve always been a small (but important!) part of a larger project before. This is the first time that it’s essentially ‘my’ project. Whether it succeeds or fails is entirely down to me. Iif things go tits up, it will be entirely my fault.

Which is a bit nerve-wracking.

Tomorrow is the big finale, with the possibility of an epilogue on Saturday. Then next week we blow the lid off this damn thing and see what the public makes of it.


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