If you enjoy my writing then you might want to pop over to Wattpad, where I now have a growing library of short stories. Check out my profile here.

I’ve had my short stories linked to from this blog for years now, in PDF form or similar. So why the move to Wattpad? Primarily it’s to do with finding the right platform for the job. This blog is great for posting occasional thoughts in a journal-like manner. It’s not so great for highlighting finished projects. It also doesn’t provide a great browsing and reading experience on tablets/mobiles.

Wattpad insists that it’s a social network for writers and readers, rather than explicitly a publishing platform. There’s a fair bit of branding spin in there but they have a point – it’s certainly successful at connecting writers and readers, especially in niche genres which have a ton of fans which aren’t always serviced by traditional publishing.

So grab the Wattpad app for your iOS or Android device and enjoy a Kindle-like reading experience. I’d suggest taking a look at The Comedian first, as it’s both recent and efficiently short.

I’m going to be transferring more of my stories over and I’m also working on a new project (based on one of my Future Learn sketches) which is rather more tailor-made for Wattpad. That one I’ll be releasing chapter-by-chapter over the course of a week, most likely.

I’m also tempted to take Evinden – my long gestating fantasy novel – and sling that on chapter-by-chapter. Evinden exists in first draft but needs extensive editing and expanding. The thought of slogging through the entire book before doing anything with it doesn’t excite me much, which is probably why I haven’t got round to doing it yet.

Wattpad offers something more interesting: edit a chapter, publish a chapter. That way I get to build a readership over time, hopefully start to get feedback as I go, and have an impetus to keep on going. Still not quite decided on the wisdom of that approach yet – first up I need to finish editing Millennium Surfing and decide what to do with that.

Lots to do.

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