I’ve wanted to write this one for a long, long time. Ever since Cal got his ability this has been on the cards – there was a tiny version of it back in arc 2 when he gives Kay a guided tour of the void, but it was restrained. Interlude #6 takes the brakes off and hints at the potential of a many more stories in the A Day of Faces universe.

This is a big ‘what if?’ chapter. It highlights Cal’s growing powers. It gives Holt an awful lot to think about. It massively expands the scope of arc 3, which has otherwise been confined to the insides of farmhouses, trucks, boats and hideouts.

The goal, really, was to create several mini-worlds, each of which held the potential to be as interesting as the main story. I want readers to want to linger in those places for longer, to find out more about them.

Interlude #6 is also the last time we’ll see these guys in arc 3. When they next return the situation will be much changed.

Soundtrack: Endless Legend score, by FlyByNo, because it brilliantly evokes strange other worlds.


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