I’ve been getting rather behind on my A Day of Faces behind-the-scenes posts. Apologies.

‘Paradigm’ marks the beginning of Arc 4, which means it is also the beginning of the end. Arc 4 is intended to be the final part of A Day of Faces, although it’s looking like it’ll probably be a bumper-sized one.

The story has put our protagonists in interesting places. The first arc was about them having very little information or agency. The second arc was about them making the best of a bad situation and trying to figure out what was going on. By the third arc they had most of the puzzle pieces, but little idea of what to do about it. Arc 3 itself was a literal journey, as Kay and Marv travelled around the globe as fugitives. By the time they reach Hong Kong, their path is clear.

With Arc 4, there’s a new clarity of purpose. The goal still seems impossible, but they have a proper mission, for the first time since perhaps the Arc 1 finale. That’s going to make this arc faster paced, broader in scope and hopefully thematically more complex.

‘Paradigm’ has to establish the new context. Everything that was important in Arc 3 is suddenly on the backburner and there’s entirely new dangers. The main difference is that Kay and Marv can stop hiding and start taking action.

At times I was concerned about Arc 3 being too slow paced, though I hope that was offset by lots of nice character development. The great thing about Arc 4 is that it’s going to be a bit of a plot rollercoaster as well as having all that good character stuff.


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