I’ve done unexpected jump cuts between chapter previously and this takes it rather further, being entirely disconnected from where we left things in ‘Cortex’. Given that ‘Interdependence’ is the start of Arc 3, it made sense to have a chapter to act as something of a blank slate, and a declaration that things are going to change again.

I’m always conscious of wanting to avoid burn-out or fatigue in my readers, and Arc 2 climaxed with essentially a 2-part huge action scene. Leaping straight in to a continuation of that would have started to feel a little one-note. Many of the most satisfying stories are those which constantly shift pace – that’s what separates Die Hard from a Michael Bay movie, or Half Life 2 from Call of Duty.

Thus, ‘Interdependence’ provides a total tone shift, before diving back into the action in the following chapter. It’s a moment of calm, made slightly unnerving by its juxtaposition with the chaotic events just prior. We’re not sure how Kay’s ended up here, but we know it probably isn’t going to last.

Soundtrack: A Dangerous Method by Howard Shore – reminscent of his early work with Cronenberg, where every moment has a sinister undertone.


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