And right here we have the setup for the rest of Arc 3. The previous two chapters were more about capping Arc 2, while ‘Flight’ sets us off in a new direction.

One thing I enjoyed about this one was juxtaposing the low key mundanity of a rustic farmhouse breakfast table with talk of rebellion. The Lynt family and their associates I was imagining in the vein of resistance fighters in 1940s France, operating behind a veil of normality.

The aim was to give the impression of there being interesting stories behind each of the characters we briefly meet – Malcolm, Sylvia, Grant, the unseen Jennifer – without every finding out what they are. A bit like how each of the aliens in the Mos Eisley Cantina suggests an entire other storyline, even though they’re only glimpsed for a second or two. I don’t think I quite pulled that off, but that was the plan.

The biggest thing in this chapter is the introduction of Rose Furey – who remains fairly enigmatic here but will be a major player for the foreseeable future. Introducing her character is another instance of No Turning Back: having added her into the mix, she’s going to be along for the ride whether I like it or not, so there’s always a bit of hesitation when approaching a major story fork.

It’s the rule of threes applying here, though – having three lead characters to play off each other is more compelling than just two, and opens up so many more dramatic options. Having had two males and one female for arcs 1 and 2, shaking it up to be the other way around should be good fun – not to mention seeing how Marv and Kay act when Cal isn’t nearby…

Talking of which, I’ve deliberately avoided explaining what happened to him and Holt for these first three chapters of Arc 3. That’ll change next chapter, though.

Soundtrack: Don’t recall, though it feels like it should have been the ‘Allo ‘Allo theme tune.


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