This is the first chance to spend a bit of time with Rose Furey, although we don’t discover much about her yet. This chapter and the next are primarily character pieces, giving Kay a bit of breathing room before we get back into the action.

An interesting aspect to Arc 3 is that we get to experience Future Earth from the point of view of Kay, which means having quite an outsider perspective on the society and its technology. Until now we’ve only really known about the Big Tech – the dimension turbine – but here we start to glimpse details such as the self-driving container truck. It’s an interesting challenge, having to introduce a futuristic science fiction world based on our own in addition – or in parallel – to the more fantastical world that the story has been primarily concerned with so far.

I’m a big fan of Matthew Stover’s Caine books (or, at least, the two that I have thus far read). They do a genuinely superb job of depicting two entirely different fictional universes, which nonetheless are intertwined in fascinating ways. There’s definitely certain echoes of Stover’s work here and there in A Day of Faces, although I don’t think I yet have the courage as a writer to go to some of the dark places he explores.

Following the general chaos of the previous few chapters, ‘Nest’ is something of a mini-2-parter (along with the next chapter) which starts to unravel Kay’s confidence. More on that next time.

Soundtrack: Winter Soldier score, by Henry Jackman. Suitably discombobulating.


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