Aah, the journey east. This has been a really hard thing to pace right, and as of writing this I have no idea whether it’s worked. I wanted the journey to feel significant, but at the same time it needs to be interesting. At the same time, I didn’t want to throw in random action scenes just to spice it up.

Originally it was going to be a single chapter fast-forwarding through the whole thing, but each time I tried to do that it expanded into something more substantial. Hence we ended up with two entire chapters in the truck, and two chapters on the freighter (this one and the next, ‘Canal’). These four chapters of travel afforded something of a pause in the main action, so that there was space for some character work. Arc 3 so far has been all about giving Kay more depth, beyond her quipping and anachronisms. It’s vital for the reader to have a firm grasp of her character for what’s to come.

As for ‘the plan’, that’s used as a deliberate tease during these chapters, hopefully giving the reader a good reason to keep going in order to find out what Kay’s up to.

Soundtrack: Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Beacuse it’s all about a journey.


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