Here we get some pretty blatant clues about where the story has been set on Earth, and the route of the freighter. In researching this I stumbled across a fascinating blog by Maya Jasanoff, who spent a month on a cargo ship from China to the UK. It’s a great read and was a big help in visualising the freighter journey in the story.

In ‘Canal’ we get more of an idea of Furey, who has remained something of an enigma. We get a bit of her motivation here, and a hint of her capabilities. The idea with her so far has been to start winding up her character like a coiled spring, with little hints here and there, until all is revealed down the line a little.

Anyway, with the journey east now complete, the next chapter takes on a very different pace. It also takes us to Hong Kong, where I lived until I was about four years old. I went back in 1999 for a visit and it’s an astounding place, in terms of its geography and architecture. I went at the height of summer and I’ve never known such humidity and heat. It’s a location which should make for a very different setting as the Arc 3 finale approaches. The story has never been anywhere like this before.

Soundtrack: The Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack. Hugely inappropriate, but I’d just watched the film and was still super-hyped. Oh, what a score. What a lovely score!


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