I just finished writing a chapter that’s been bubbling around my head since about 2001. During early development of Evinden, back when it was destined to be a movie script, I was discussing the basic concept with my housemate at the time, an aspiring filmmaker himself by the name of Stephen Davis. We were throwing ideas around the dining room table, as we had a tendency to do back in those days, focusing on all the genre staples that I ought to work into the story. Something that Steve mentioned which I hadn’t considered until that point was waterfalls. And thus a waterfall found its way into Evinden.

Having just completed the chapter featuring said waterfall, it feels a little like also closing a chapter on my university life. Evinden has been around since the mid-point of my studies, of course, and has lingered through graduation and starting to work at FXhome and moving to Norwich ‘properly’ and meeting Nadia and making a house together and–you get the idea. While other elements of the book have shifted and evolved over the years, the waterfall sequence has always remained very close to its original conception. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I have no idea but, having just written it, I feel it is a pretty efficient way to introduce a new character trait.

So yeah, thanks Steve for dropping that one into conversation back at Swansea Road. I hope you like the chapter if and when you finally get around to reading it!

6 days to go. (looks like I’m going to miss this deadline by a week-or-so, but I’m close! I’m close dammit!)


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