Rocksteady are making another Bats game! Set in Gotham itself! There’s a batmobile! Conroy is back!

All good news. However, hidden amongst the reveal info is that Gotham has been evacuated due to the Scarecrow’s antics, which makes me sad. Gotham is only Gotham City if people live there – otherwise it’s just an even larger prison scenario.

I want a Batman game in which there’s a living, breathing city. Where the city isn’t in the verge of total collapse. I want to play as Bruce Wayne for some of it, using my detective skills and playboy persona to uncover information Batman wouldn’t be privy to.

Far less interesting is a deserted city designed purely as a playground for game mechanics, with a contrived setting to avoid awkward ratings issues around civilians getting harmed.

That’s the other thing – to be heroic, Batman needs some actual people to save. Asylum was in an asylum, City was in a giant prison, and now it sounds like Gotham itself will be empty of normal people. Without people to save the hero aspect gets lost, leaving Batman as an angry man beating up mentally ill criminals.

Anyway, it’ll still be ace to play, because Rocksteady are masters of game mechanics.


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