A few of the thoughts prompted by playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons:

  1. Perhaps we should have another child. Having a sibling looks lovely.
  2. This is a bit like playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, with the annoying combat removed and greater depth to the story.
  3. The variety of locations and the sense of being taken on a real journey reminds me of Deus Ex, oddly, even though the games are in no way alike.
  4. Oh. Maybe I’ll reconsider #1.
  5. Ah, it’s a proper fairy tale, then. No Disneyfication here.

It’s a game that’s very difficult to discuss without spoiling it. The general mechanics involve single player coop, controlling two characters simultaneously, one with the left stick and one with the right stick (a gamepad is pretty essential). It’s never particularly difficult, other than the mental leap required for that dual control – a splitting of your brain which is quite fascinating to experience, and which reminded me a little of learning to use both hands independently while playing piano.

The game is utterly charming, remarkably dark within its whimsical setting, and uses its control mechanism as an integral part of its story in a move that is hugely exciting and unique, both to gaming as a medium and to this game specifically.

Brothers is a one-off. Play it immediately.



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