Rediscovering drawing with Intuos, Manga Studio and a 3 year old

I studied art at school and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was never a particularly brilliantĀ artist, but the satisfaction I got from it was similar to the feeling I get when writing. Pencils, charcoal, inks. That’s my bag. I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a child, when I’d create elaborate multi-panel TRANSFORMERS and MASK comics. They were probably indecipherable squiggles but, for me, they were an early form of learning storytelling, before I had the skills to write much in the way of prose.

Then thirteen years passed. Aside from the occasional scribbled storyboard for film projects, I didn’t really do much arty stuff. Then my son was bornĀ in 2012 and I picked up a pencil again and started drawing with him. (more…)