OK, time to get started on my new system build. As mentioned last time, I’m spreading the process out through the year so as to keep things affordable and take advantage of upcoming developments.

To kick off I’m taking a look at the computer’s power supply. I had originally intended to include a new SSD in this phase but prices seem to be falling all the time, so I’ll give that another month.

PSU – Corsair CX 600, £52

Ideally I wouldn’t be getting a new power supply but my old one died a couple of  months back and I’m currently borrowing one from a colleague. Time to get that back to him.

PSUs are fairly cheap. Having compared various review sites such as Hexus, Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware, plus ratings on pcpartpicker, I’ve ended up eyeing the Corsair CX 600.

With CPU and GPU efficiency improving all the time I could probably get away with less than 600w but it’s best to stay future proof, especially as I run multiple drives and peripherals. It can all add up.

Corsair do a nice 3 year warranty even on these cheaper models which is reassuring.

I went for the semi modular version, which means I won’t have any unnecessary cables flapping about.

It should arrive on Monday so I’ll let you know how the install goes.


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