It’s been a long time since I blogged about Evinden, my long-gestating fantasy novel. The last time, apparently, was in July 2013, and that was only an oblique mention. I have to delve back to the heady days of February 2011 to find a proper mention, at which point I’m talking about giving it a new title – one which I’ve since unceremoniously abandoned.

All of that is prologue, as since then A Day of Faces happened. A brand new novel which I wrote and published in serialised form over the course of a year, which has since attracted over 28,000 reads on Wattpad. Switching to a serialised format cured me of procrastination and also found me an actual readership, both of which are massively exciting.

A Day of Faces is complete (although I’m now embarking on an audiobook podcast version!), so I’m turning to the Next Serialised Novel, which I’ve decided will be…Evinden. I’m going to pull that old beast out of the dusty recesses of my hard drive, rewrite it and release it chapter-by-chapter as a weekly serial. I can’t wait. It’s going to be super exciting to finally get it out there.

I’ve even started up a Patreon page in case anybody likes what I do and would like to Say Thanks With Money. Using Patreon is a complete experiment and I’m curious to see what happens with it – I’ll be writing regardless.

I’m intending to start publishing sometime in October, so stay tuned.


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