Far Cry 2 takes a bit of getting used to, but behind some clunky design decisions there seems to be a classic waiting to be found. The most glaring mistake, of course, was to call it Far Cry 2, a name that is likely to confuse both fans and naysayers of the original. As has been apparent for some time, and barring any bizarre plot twists down the line, there is absolutely no connection between the two games.


Ben · October 26, 2008 at 2:57 pm

I have to agree with all the comments in this article. However there are a few other niggly things that get to me.

The total freedom you have is brilliant, however it’s a pain in the backside when you bog your car down in the middle of nowhere and it takes ages to get back to a friendly cilvilisation. Speaking of which, there doesn’t even seem to be any friendly areas. I’m always constantly being fired at and seen as a threat.
Also there is a problem with the shooting, no matter how many shots I fire into a guys torso/legs/arms it always takes at least a whole clip or a clip and a half to kill them, however a headshot is death straight away.

I love the healing system you have, Malaria, wounds, syringes, all make the game pretty tense in the heat of a battle.

I feel some of the actual AI is a bit ‘dumb’ seeing as they run around and constantly move from cover to cover in a jerky fashion. Other than that, moving on Multiplayer, I’ve only played a small amount on it, and it has it’s flaws but it is actually suprisingly well done.

Gonna have to play this at night seeing as stealth + Daytime = fail.

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