Yesterday something called the International Literature Showcase was launched, over at There have been International Literature Showcases before, but this one isn’t like those. Not this time.

The previous events have taken place over a handful of days, bringing literature professionals to Norwich from around the world to talk about Exciting Things To Do Together. This time round, it’s a predominantly online concept which runs for about 10 months. We’ve scaled it up a tad. Here’s a video I made about it:

The ILS is, in fact, the main reason I’m at Writers’ Centre Norwich. The Digital Marketing Manager role, while impacting on all areas of the organisation, was created specifically to enable the online version of the ILS to exist. Therefore this week has been a big deal, in that the project has shifted from theoretical->structural->actual.

It’s a place which interlaces great writers and organisations with a regular flow of progressive, thoughtful content. You can already find great video talks from Sebastian Faulks, Benjamin Zephaniah and Liz Berry, Q&As with Thomas Morris and Max Porter and tomorrow we’re publishing a series of insightful provocations. There’s even a podcast which I’m on, but don’t let that put you off.

It’s a beautiful website, already full of interesting and exciting content and set to get a whole lot busier as we unlock and explore each theme. It’s already been one of the biggest and most satisfying design and implementation challenges of my career and I’m sure it’s going to bring all kind of brain-melting adventures over the next year.

If you’re a writer or literature professional, you should check it out.


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