My grandmother died while I was in Amsterdam at the IBC show. Her funeral was held on Friday in Kingsclere, where she had lived for many years. All the family were there, of course, and it was a wonderful service full of happy memories and some tears.

I had the honour of reading the eulogy, which looked back on Gran’s life and in the process had revealed a few bits and pieces which I’d not known before. I think she’d have been rather pleased with the whole affair.

This was the second funeral I’ve been to this year, and only the second I’ve been to in my life. They’re strange, difficult events and I’m glad that both of those I have attended were celebrations of the person’s life and achievements, even under testing emotional circumstances. Remembering the good times. I think that’s testament not only to those that died but to the calibre of friends and family that surrounded them.

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DJ · September 26, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Well said Simon, agreed and most impressed

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