Overdue on this one, which is daft as it was another delicious Spicery meal, courtesy of my FXHOME leaving present. None of the Spicery meals have been difficult exactly but they have all challenged me to new flavours and techniques, this month especially as it involved creating tuna parcels.


I’ve not been a tuna fan since I was 10 and usually avoid it. Nevertheless, I was going to give it a shot. The filo parcels encased a spicy tuna mix (immediately yummy, to my surprise) which then needed to be hollowed out, forming a small well. Into this was cracked an entire egg, which I anticipated promptly spilling everywhere and being a disaster.


Instead, the tuna mix contained the egg perfectly, allowing me to fold up the parcels, sealing with more egg before being baked. Never done anything like it but they were absolutely delicious when they emerged from the oven, all crispy and browned.

Spicery meals always have amazing side accompaniments to the main meal and this was no exception:

Clockwise, that’s a bunch of roasted veg with mechouia spices, a herby yoghurt, pickled radishes (didn’t really work, I suspect due to crappy supermarket radishes – my dad’s allotment radishes would have been stunning) and rose petal harissa paste (amazing).

Meanwhile, there was the chermoula fish to be getting on with, which started out like this:

img_9952And ended up like this:

img_9963Yummy. Gorgeous, flaky salmon.

The tuna brik was served up with the Spicery’s spicy salad mix (mint, parsley, sumac, black pepper, Aleppo chilli flakes) and harissa paste:

img_9956Biting into those brik parcels to discover a perfectly baked egg right in the centre was pretty cool.

We went with quinoa rather than couscous but it otherwise turned out exactly as expected (radishes aside) and was predictably delicious. As someone who isn’t a massive seafood junkie and usually actively dislikes tuna, it was an eye-opening (mouth-opening?) experience.



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