November 10 2012, eh? That’s the last time I wrote a blog post here, apparently. Turns out having a baby is quite time consuming. Now there’s some never-before-observed insight.

In the time when I’ve not been looking after the rather spiffing little chap called Yared Rohan Jones I’ve found myself either sat staring at a television or engaged with an escapist video game (mostly the superb The Walking Dead, which I’ll review when I’ve finished series 1). I don’t mind that – much like Eddie Riggs’ boom-guitar, it’s important to have some cooldown time if you don’t want to burn your fingers.

BUT! I think it’s probably just about time I got on with things. Thusly, I shall begin quietly and gently with some blog posts. This may or may not lead in to some short stories, which then could expand into continuing editing work on my novels.

The funny thing about having a baby is that it reminds you how cool life is, but it also reminds you that it has a start and an end. And you don’t want to get to the other end and realise you didn’t quite get round to something. Hence getting on with it.

Oh, also:


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