Part of the reason the polls following this week’s Miliband/Cameron TV non-battle are so even is likely because both men came across primarily as being a bit weird, albeit in different ways.

Cameron was a slick, professional politician who was able to come up with an answer for everything that sounded rehearsed, to the point where I assumed he’d been informed of the questions in advance. The direct result of that slick, easy to watch, professional approach is that I didn’t believe a word he said. Everything about it was slimy and uncomfortable and felt over-rehearsed. You could see the formula of his speech pattern and responses so clearly that it became rather farcical and David Brentish.

Miliband, on the other hand, was the polar opposite: a little wild and uncontrolled, embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch because you were constantly expecting him to do something bizarre like sneeze massively or start dribbling or start swearing uncontrollably. As a result, he actually came across as being far more genuine and, in fact, far more like a normal person would be in that kind of high stress interview scenario. In other words, he didn’t seem to be a Professional Politician, which can only be a good thing. Of course, he also had no real substance to any of his ideas and was hugely vague on everything.

I doubt I’ll be voting for either of them.


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