Back in October I wrote an article about what I called ‘the idiot superclass’. It was a rant about what I saw as the vast mass of humanity that serves no useful purpose, following a couple of homophobic incidents in the UK that week but not about them specifically. In essence, it was an argument that the human species does not progress due to an inherent goodness, or inherent skill, but through the extreme hard work of a minority, who are always working to fight against the inertial stupidity of the idiot superclass. You can find the original article here.

I refer back to it now having stumbled across some woeful statistics. These statistics were gathered in the UK by Ipsos-Mori and can be read in full here. There’s no real need to comment further on these statistics, as I feel they speak quite clearly for themselves:

  • 37% of teachers think that creationism should be taught in science lessons.
  • 70% of people want capital punishment for maximum crimes.
  • 70% think immigration is a problem for the UK….but only 18% think it’s a problem in their area.
  • People would rather cut education programmes in prisons than the number of police offiers on patrol, despite current lower levels of crime.
  • People see crime as a major problem despite levels consistently dropping.
  • People are happy with how clean their streets are…but they’re not happy with council cleaning practices.
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