Jack Steel returned for his series 2 premiere on Friday, for which some of the cast and crew rendezvoused at a pub for the grand playback. Definitely a step up from season1, with a broader storyline and a soundscape that is more epic, more polished and MORE STEEL. Congrats to all involved. The series will begin podcasterising sometime this week, I believe, and will be free to download. More info here: http://jacksteel.itsatrap.co.uk/

Also attended a highly entertaining Australia Day party at Neil and Carla’s last night, full of people dressed up in Oz-related costumes of varying dubiousness. Josh’s eaten-by-a-crocodile was pretty good but Jason’s Ramsay St. road sign affixed to the top of his head probably should have won the prize. Although the rather daring Kylie Minogue impersonator would have won the prize for causing the maximum amount of whiplash due to everybody doing a double-take when she arrived.

Final prep for our skiing holiday is almost complete – we’re all stocked up with warm clothing, waterproof bits and pieces and funky goggles. My coat is particularly awesome, as it has special labelled pockets for different things, including an ‘AUDIO’ pocket, which is pretty cool.

Didn’t get as much work done this weekend as I wanted – the writing has unfortunately taken something of a back seat. I blame Tim Schafer.


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